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Premium Rabbit Pellets are complete, balanced mini-pellets formulated especially for the large show rabbit. Designed for optimal muscle growth, superior fur development and excellent breeding performance. Both have been tested and proven in a top rabbitry and are formulated to incorporate the newest ingredient technology available.

Show-Rite Rabbit Pellets
Contain high levels of lysine and methionine for excellent growth, muscle tone and quality fur.
Developed in association with one of the top show rabbitries.
Contain chelated minerals for better mineral absorption and, thus, improved performance.
Helps rabbits grow fit not fat.

Balanced Fiber, Energy and Protein Levels
Careful consideration has been given to providing optimal levels of protein and energy for the particular body size family of the rabbit. The idea is to grow fit, not fat.

Contains Yeast Culture and Probiotics
Yeast culture and probiotics have been shown to improve fermentation conditions in the large intestine and caecum (hind gut) which improves fiber digestion. Rabbits have specific fiber needs that must be balanced with the protein and energy levels for high production.

Added Enzymes
Special enzymes have been added to help prevent wool blocks which can be a constant problem, especially in the wool breeds.

Contains Schidigera Extract
Schidigera extract has been shown to help reduce ammonia levels in the rabbitry. Lower ammonia levels improve overall air quality and reduce objectionable odors which help to improve performance.

Quality Fiber Source
Fiber is extremely important for maintaining good gut health. It is also important in making both small and large breeds feel “full” without supplying extra energy that will become fat.

Top Dress
Competitive showman have seen success incorporating MnM top dress into feeding regime.


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