About Us

In 1986, 2 brothers joined forces to launch Statewide Service Center. Delivering pet and farm supplies from a single 1-ton box truck, our company quickly developed a loyal customer base across Oklahoma. The secret to our success is hardly a mystery. Sure, a quality array of products never hurts; but outstanding customer service has always been at the forefront of our efforts.

That commitment to service has only grown over the years. Decades after opening our doors, we continue to thrive in what has become a highly competitive industry. We do this in part by providing a diverse range of products at competitive prices. Our goal is to help you better service your own customers. To that end, we have expanded our facility, service region, and product lines to satisfy a broader range of needs. Our 1-ton box truck has grown to fleet of tractor trailers; our staff of 2 is now supplemented by dozens of hard-working people who live to serve.

Despite economic ups and downs, Statewide Service Center remains a securely family-owned operation today. We draw from decades of experience and age-old principles, cultivating lifelong relationships with our customers and vendors. We don't shy away from accountability; rather, we are happy to guarantee our products and the quality of our service to you. After all, your satisfaction is truly our business.

Statewide Service Center is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service, products, and performance second to none.