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Fat ‘N’ Sassy

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An initial creep feed and starter for goats of all classes from birth to six months of age and for developing bucks and show does requiring extra bloom. Designed to enhance youthful bloom, accelerate growth and develop clean conformation in growing to older does, bucks and breeding through age mature does.

Formulated as nutrient dense diets to help maximize the genetic potential of the show buck and doe. Protein, fiber and fat levels are adjusted to help ensure the proper look and finish required to excel in the show ring.

Calcium and Phosphorus Balanced, Ammonium Chloride Added

Fortified with the proper balance of vitamins and trace minerals including vitamin E and selenium. Medicated with Monensin 20 g/ton

All of the goat dry feeds are 1/8’pellet to ensure early consumption, eliminate sorting and reduce waste.


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