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8706A: 1.6 L Hand Crank Spreader

This hand crank spreader has a 1.6 liter/.3 gallon capacity with an easy crank design. It can be used for a variety of uses such as granular fertilizers, granular pesticides, granular ice-melt, salt and seed. This Chapin Hand Spreader is durable and lightweight. It has a hopper, thumb gate adjustment, trigger gate control and the gears are enclosed.

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Even though the manufacturer says that this spreader would work on all granulated products, we have found some problems with some sand based granules that get caught up in the gear box. We normally suggest granule baits in this spreader. The granule baits are larger. For the sand base we would suggest the chest spreader.


  • Poly, Scoop Design 1.6L/.3 gallon Capacity.
  • Easy Crank Design/Great for small areas.
  • Compatible for Seed, Fertilizer, and Salt/Ice Melt.


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