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8620B: 150LB EZ Tow Behind Spreader

No more wasted seed or fertilizer. No more reaching back and straining to stop your spreader at the right time. No more fussing with controls. No more burnt lawns and uneven applications.

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With our 8620B, 150-pound capacity, tow-behind spreader you’ll be able to cover more beautiful ground. Its auto-stop impeller automatically stops spreading when you stop moving. When you start again, it starts again.


  • 150-pound capacity.
  • Auto-Stop dual impeller stops spreading when not in motion.
  • Oil-impregnated bronze bearings minimize friction on axle and gear box.
  • 11 incremental gate adjustment settings for accurate application.
  • Wide-tread 14” pneumatic tires.
  • Trailer hitch heavy duty for professional use.
  • Powder-coated steel frame.
  • Spiked auger to break up heavier chunks of material.
  • Not for use with lime products such as pelletized lime, lime powder and Agri lime.


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