Tips to take care of pets during winter

Winter is cold and dark. While nature freezes by covering itself with snow, ours as well as our adorable pet’s body weakens. To cope up with cold and mitigate this season healthy certain extra pet care works has to be done. Pet-lovers have to take an extra bit of care for their loved ones. Here are some tips to look upon and follow up this season.

Let's begin with dogs, man’s best friend and the most popular pet worldwide. Whatever be the breed, here are some tips that keep their tails wag happily for you.

Dogs need more calories

To cope up with the cold outside, their bodies burn excess calories, especially if your dog has the habit of going outside. So it is mandatory to keep them on a high-calorie diet. Go for top quality dog feeds from reputed brands like Angus, Diamond Naturals. The high energy demand might probe dogs to overeat and gain weight during the winter. So, It is advisable to follow a diet plan after consulting a vet.

Keep immune system of dogs fully armed

Like humans, dogs too are highly sensitive towards catching a cold. The Immune system of dogs should always be on and active to cope up with cold and prevent winter illnesses. Antioxidant rich  dog foods like Turkey Limited Ingrediant Formula( )from Angus can be very effective for your canine.

Access to clean water is a must

Don’t term dehydration as a summer phenomenon, it can happen during the winter or at any time of a year. Keep dogs hydrated by ensuring perennial access to clean drinking water.

Protect dogs from toxins like Antifreeze

Antifreeze we use a lot during winter is toxic for pets. If any of it is spilled, make sure it is cleaned soon. Keep it away from the reach of the pet. Avoid providing chocolates and other sweets to dogs during winter. Certain human foods might turn out to be toxic during this time. So it is recommended to go on with quality dog foods only.

Paw care is crucial

Like how we develop foot cracks during winter, dogs too likely suffer from cracked paws. If your dog is hairy, trim the hair that grows out to its pads so that snow won't stick to it. These ice droplets if left unchecked grows into tiny snowballs with sharp edges that hurts them later.

Winter salt sprinkled on sidewalks might cause pain and irritation if the paws are cracked. Rinse and wipe paws to remove those salt remains- ensure it is clean. While going out use dog boots, it protects paws while stepping on snow.

Avoid sleeping on cold floors

Dogs do sleep on floors, and they love it. But during winter residential surfaces will be cold. Hence, for sound sleep and health of dogs provide a sleeping mat. 36″ X 45″ PILLOW BED ( from Petmate/Doskocil would be a perfect option for medium as well as large dogs.

Keep dogs inside the home

It sounds strange, but it is a fact that even the long-haired dogs might get affected by frostbite and hypothermia. It is better to let your dogs stay inside your living space during winter. Assign an area where it is convenient for family and make them stay inside for as long as possible.

Seniors need extra attention

Winter worsens the prevailing health conditions For seniors. Winter checkup or routine ones should never be skipped. Some senior dogs might be suffering from ailments like arthritis, decreased immune function and muscle mass. Regular exercise is necessary for them. But, winter surfaces are slippery, so do ensure that they don’t slip and injure themselves on floors. Recovery might be hard and painful for seniors.

Nutri-Vet Aspirin liver flavor ( Chewables can provide temporary relief for pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and joint problems in dogs

Provide mats where they can workout during winter. Take necessary advice from a vet for scheduling exercises and medications.

For Cats

Winter cares for cats is similar to that of dogs. Keeping cats inside the home is really challenging and you know why? Cats love to wander. They disappear right from the front of eyes and search for them might end up under your car. But winter is a tough time for kitties and here are some cool tips to try out.

Keep cats inside living spaces

Provide a lot of toys for your cat so that they would spend more time indoors.

Provide quality cat food

Scientific studies suggest that cats eat more during winter. This is to balance the extra calories their body burns to cope up with the cold. In this circumstance, ensure that feed is healthy and nutritious. Some brands caring pet owners can rely on during this season are High point Cat food ( ), Angus ( )

Keep them warm and dry

If your kitty gets wet, provide them a warm space where they can curl up. This is compulsory if we are dealing with older feline varieties.

Avoid Antifreeze

Something we all use during winter, but this chemical is toxic for pets. Beware!!

Clean the paws

After taking cats out, do check their paws, especially if hair is overgrown between nails. Remains of ice might turn out to be painful. So ensure that paws are dried and cleaned well.

Provide litter trays

Cats love to defecate outdoors and it feels great for them.

But it's severe cold outside, so it is advisable to make them utilize litter tray within indoors.

Keep Microchip updated

Well, it’s winter, and they will wander to warm spaces they come across. Bells tied to their necks signaled their presence during the older days.

But times have changed and technology has grown to implant microchips that track their location. Ensure these chips are in working condition and is well updated.

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