Top Pet Care Tips to beat the heat of summer

“56 animal companions, including dogs and cats, had reportedly died of heat-related causes in 2018 in the USA – says reports by PETA”

The count is much more in reality, but many of such cases just slip away from being recorded on papers.

It's summer, the sun, right above our heads is shining with all its might- much more intense than previous years. Enduring heat has become a serious global concern now. Like us, our pets too struggle to cope up with this summer heat. Here are some tips that you can follow to help out your adorable animal companions in this season.

Never leave your pets in cars for long durations

This article began by quoting the numbers of heat-related pet deaths, the sad part is that many of this had occurred in cars of owners. It is a habit to leave dogs in parking spaces inside cars. But during summer days, a car’s interior gets heated up like pressure cookers!!!

The glass panes in car doors let sunlight in, but the hazardous property of glass to trap this heat inside without letting it escape turns out to be the cause. Pets that happens to be locked inside cars literally struggles and fails to withstand this trapped heat. There are instances where dogs, as well as cats, sustained severe burns.


So as a responsible pet owner, it is one’s duty to take pets along after parking or if that is not possible, ensure that they remain in cars for a very short duration during the daytaime.

  • Avoid leaving pets in cars at noon- the time when the temperature is at its peak.
  • If pets are left inside cars, leave some space at the top of the window for heat and airflow.

Full-time access to clean drinking water

Dehydration is definitely a thing to be reckoned with during the summer. The chances for their bodies to run out of water content is so high in this heat. Thus pets must have full-time access to clean drinking water wherever they go.

Ensure that water-bowls in your pet’s cage is always full.

If your dog or cat spends most of its leisure time in a lawn, keep a water source around the corner, this assures instant gratification of their thirst.

Check for bugs and ticks in the surroundings

After their winter vacation, during the onset of spring, lawns and gardens start to grow back to its beauty. When warm sunlight touches and stimulates grass beds, bugs and ticks in the same habitat to feel the warmth which is ideal for their breeding. If the lawn is left un-maintained, these pests populate your neighborhood. These bugs and ticks easily will somehow find a way to get into pet bodies while they leisure at lawns. Once they reach the skin, the warm and soft fur of your cats or dogs later cast perfect environment for fleas and ticks to multiply and grow.

Have you thought about the dangers bugs, flea and ticks do to your pets?

These pests feed on pet’s blood and the health issues caused ranges from allergic reactions to tick-borne illnesses.

Prevention is always better than cure. To abide by this age-old golden saying, keep these tips in mind to protect your pets from bugs and ticks.

  • Bathe your pets regularly with a good quality shampoo.
  • Focus on lawn care, ensure that grass is trimmed and kept short.
  • Pet's bedding, crate, toys, food bowls as well as sleeping portions must be regularly washed and cleaned.
  • If any change is being noticed in the behavior of the pet like lack of appetite or level down in energy or interaction, or swelling in joints, then rush to the vet immediately.


Use moisturizer

We are fortunate as the human body can sweat all through its entire area to maintain body temperature. But for pets, things are not that glad. Especially for dogs- they can sweat only through their paws. Secondly, through panting dogs release heat. But in summer, sweating is the savior, thus paws have to do most part of the work. Just like our feet, their paws dry out, develop cracks, and might bleed too.

Avoid use of human lotions on dog’s paws. This could soften their pads and worsen the situation. So always go for recommended moisturizers specifically designed for dogs. And no responsible pet owner welcome risks by compromising on the quality of products they bring for their pets.

Keep antifreeze away from pets

Beware of Antifreeze!!!

Irrespective of seasons, we rely on antifreeze and be informed that these liquids pose serious threats to pets around. As summer progresses, cars become overheated during the daytime, and antifreeze liquid leaks leaving puddles on the parking. The sweet odor plus taste of these chemical mixtures are extremely tempting for pets- deceiving to be precise. Once ingested, this toxic antifreeze might be fatal for your pets.

Do ensure that antifreeze bottles are placed away from the reach of pets. Also, check out for puddles in car parking areas and wash away those soon.

Keep an eye on the safety of your pet always

Summer fun is taking your doggie to the pool or beach. Those splendid moments with your animal companion is priceless, something you about to cherish forever. But one should always put safety first because it’s water- even experienced swimmers sometimes lose tracks and drown in the so-called safe and controlled water bodies.

There could be ropes and other obstructions in pools which can boggle and trap your pets. Always keep an eye out for your pet while they are around water.

Summertime attracts a lot of crowd to beaches, while you take dogs along, feel responsible to hold the chain intact.

Always make sure that our animal companion is safe. Have a happy summer break with your pets.

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