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    Pharmaceutical grade lanolin is a superior ointment base because it helps maintain proper moisture balance during the healing process. Proper moisture balance both aids in the healing process and increases your horse's comfort. Corona ointment also provide antiseptic action to control the growth of microorganisms that could lead to infections. Use on body, legs, head, face, udder, teats, and hoofs. Treats cuts, saddle sores, chapping, scrapes, hoofs, and dry skin. 50% Lanoil Even with the best of care, horses occasionally injure themselves. Any significant injury should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. Lesser injuries, such as minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, saddle sores, rope burn, wind and sun-burned muzzles can be treated by first cleaning the area with a mild soap and water, then applying Corona protective ointment. Safe for horse, farm animals, pets and yourself!


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