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Don’t your adorable stock animals deserve the best?

Yes! We are committed to feeding our stock animals with a nutritious diet. You can feed your stock animals with protein, fat, and carbohydrates, but if they don’t have a proper amount of minerals, then they won’t get the nutrition they need and the deficiencies can lead to a host of issues.

Goats /Sheep:

How much should you feed your Goat?

For a goat /sheep, their food should contain,

• Hay- (90-100% of their diet)

• Forage - (5-10% of their diet)

• Grain/Seeds- (0-10% of their diet)

• Supplements/Minerals - (1-2% of their diet)

Why do goats need Supplements

Goats Are Picky Eaters! Goats eat a huge volume of food every day. They use their hypersensitive mouths to forage for fresh hay or plants, and simply refuse to dine on any leftovers—that’s hay or other forage that’s more than a day old. This may lead to certain deficiencies which leads to an array of diseases. So they need Feed supplements like,

• For Bloating/digestive upset - Baking soda.

• For Bi-annual Deworming - Herbal Dewormer Mix.

• For poor Rumen function - Probiotics.

• For a shiny coat & healthy skin - Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. You can get this from any feed store.

• For extra sodium -A simple block of salt.

• For prevention of Urinary Calculi in male goats - Ammonium Chloride

• For newborn goats -Colostrum Oral Gel which contains dried colostrum milk

• To maintain optimum feed digestibility- Original Diamond V XP™Diamond V XP DFM feed ingredient, a great
   supplement that can be added to the Goat Mineral Mix

They also Need,

Goat Mineral Mix - Comprised of Dolomite, Seaweed Meal, Sulfur, and Copper Sulfate, this has proven to be the best mix, Vitamin A, D, E, Vitamin C supplement - highly useful in place of antibiotics in many cases, as well as cases where antibiotics have proved ineffective.

Apart from these, many herbs which are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, & extra protein to boost their health & fertility can be added.


Pig feeds are labeled according to how much protein they contain.

It is important to note that they do not only contain protein but also all the vitamins and trace minerals required to support the growth of fattening pigs.

Feeding cheaper feeds such as straight grains and by-products can be a false economy because the animal takes longer to reach target weight and uses more feed to do so.

If essential nutrient requirements are not met, the pigs may show signs of poor health.

The Following Should Be The Main Ingredients In Pig Feed:

Corn, soya bean meal, barley, wheat bran, vegetable protein, oilseeds extracts, fatty acids, feed phosphate, pig vitamins, and trace minerals.

Pigs need protein to grow and most importantly, to develop muscle tissue.

The Reasons Why Supplements Are Added To The Swine Feed:

• To help muscling,

• To feed a high protein feed or topdress,

• To help with cover or body condition,

• To help with fill and rib,

• To help with leanness, cleaning up front ends and help optimizing muscle,

• To help with appetite, adding more calories and optimizing fat cover,

• For help in the flank area and lower third of the body cavity.

What vitamins and minerals do pigs need?

Macrominerals that are commonly added to swine diets are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and chloride (magnesium and potassium are also required but are adequately supplied by grains). Microminerals like zinc, copper, iron, manganese, iodine, and selenium

What is the best feed for show pigs?
Bobby listen supplements for show pigs like Bobby Listen Bloom, Bobby Listen Joose, Bobby Listen Pump The Breaks, Bobby Listen Sof'n,
• To add a uniform cover over the ribs, and toplines of your show projects,
• Maximize eye appeal and show bloom,
• Maximize back shape and muscle expression through proper hydration,
• To keep your animal full-bodied and fresh while limiting the rate of gain.

How much should show pigs eat?

The average show pig will consume 11 to 13 meals per day when offered feed from a self-feeder.

Why Bobby Listen supplements?

Over the years it has been proved that Bobby Listen supplements have fed many champions, and it is now your chance. Bobby Listen Supplements might just be the piece that is missing from your puzzle.

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